LeMadame is a Made in Italy
leather goods brand that originates in Tuscany.

Here, where traditions survive the passage of time, and quality is an essential value, we make bags in real leather, handmade by skilled artisans. Each bag is unique and precious, inspired by the extraordinary women who shaped the history of this region. For lovers of beauty, and every contemporary Beatrice Portinari, Margherita Hack, Anna Maria Luisa de Medici.

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The first of the madames

Luisa transforms herself from a handbag to a backpack, revealing surprising versatility. The softness and three-dimensionality of the colors are the result from a Tuscan dyeing technique that gives it a timeless style, a personality as vibrant as that of Anna Maria Luisa de Medici, the Palatine electress to whom it pays homage.

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