LeMadame is the epitome of Italian craftsmanship.

Our handbags, made of real leather through techniques passed down through generations and with low environmental impact, reflect our commitment to high quality handcrafted goods. Our brand is a tribute to the women who, with boldness and intelligence, have helped elevate Tuscany and spread its values around the world.

Our principles


Our products are the result of a local value chain made up of Tuscan artisans and leatherworkers, as well as a responsible approach to the planet. We use leather, a material from the food chain, tanned with vegetable extracts and treated with natural waxes. For the inside, we use cotton, a natural and biodegradable fabric, while the packaging is made from Jute, the most environmentally friendly natural fiber. The dyes, the result of jealously kept formulas, are free of chromium and sulfates and made through low-impact techniques.


Quality is our top priority. Our bags, completely Made in Italy, represent the excellence of Tuscan craftsmanship techniques. Each bag is made with meticulous attention, from leather selection to cutting, stitching and finishing. This artisanal process makes it a precious object to be treated with care, gaining beauty over time. Each one, with its unique characteristics and shades, accompanied by the marks on the leather that make it authentic.


Inspired by Italian beauty, the design of our bags is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. LeMadame combines casual style with the sophistication of fine Italian leather goods, creating a perfect harmony between practicality and elegance. Our bags are designed to be your companion through time, at every stage of your life. Every detail is finely curated, from the use of fine materials to the finishing touches and the choice of colors. Every shade is carefully studied to create a unique visual depth.