Our muse

Anna Maria
Luisa de Medici

Luisa is a tribute to the guardian of Tuscany's rich artistic and cultural heritage that has made it possible to preserve some of the world's most important masterpieces.

Deep tones.
Lived-in look.
Enhanced softness.

Thanks to chrome-free and sulfate-free natural dyes and a dyeing technique that makes it unique.

15 colors

Classics, pop, subdued.

4 styling modes

Hand bag, shoulder bag, shoulder bag or backpack.
You can transform your look with a single accessory.

Maximum organization

Inside and outside pockets for maximum management.

Vegetable tanned leather
and Tuscan cowhide

For outdoors.

Organic cotton

for the interior.

Brushed brass

for accessories.

A bag within a bag.

Made of Jute, an eco-friendly material par excellence, the packaging can be used as a dust bag or a real accessory.

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